Working in partnership with community organizations Know Me Network will offer free sports activities and planned community outings. 

~Melva Thompson

Executive Director

 I have experienced  unforgettable moments of  love, joy, and life's challenges while raising both of my children. As i think about my experiences as a mother I can say with certainty that my children are my my inspiration for inclusion.  My eldest  child, Nomi, is one of thee most interesting and unique human beings I have ever met. Her brother and I have experienced the joy of discovering  her humor, communication preferences, and the amazing creativity that is prevalent within her unique perspective. When they were younger I was awakened to the possibility of creating this network to explore the interests and social inclusion that individuals  with special needs deserve in our current society.  My children have always had a unique and special interest in the arts and technology.  So, as an Advocate for the under-serviced I am driven  to encourage our communities to  celebrate differences inclusively and creatively.

A NOTE FROM OUR Founder/director


Partnering with local music group we schedule interactive music workshops to increase inclusion and expression.


Know Me Network offers free art workshops within the community at several locations.  We also provide parent support while working hands on with children with Autism.